The printing machines are the most important. Therefore, we chose the latest solutions and technologies from Heidelberg and KBA. We currently own eight printing machines with B1 and B0 format. The machines are equipped with coating towers for the application of dispersion, UV and hybrid varnish.

We offer printing using a conventional and UV method on non-absorbent surfaces (metalized surfaces and plastic films).

We have the only KBA 164a machine in Poland – equipped with the latest control – measurement systems:

  • QualiTronic – Through the control of every single sheet, it guarantees the highest quality print with the option to generate the protocol as a quality proof for the Customer.
  • DensiTronic PDF – the system detects printing abnormalities and errors in the content of the printed image. It also has automatic logging and certification.

The maximum size is 1650x1205mm which allows producing large cartons and shortens the production time of larger orders.