DAKO technologies

Modern machinery, the latest technology and a wealth of possibilities make us equal to the best!

  • Cold stamping

    Cold stamping is a form of embellishment that involves applying gold or silver metallic pigment to selected areas on the surface of a sheet. Printing the decoration with any color allows for a full range of metallic colors. Combining cold stamping with other finishing techniques allows for the creation of unconventional visual effects.

    • Złocenie opakowania wykonane techniką Cold Stamping
  • Prepress

    We have a professionally equipped graphic studio, in which an experienced team uses modern equipment and the latest software adapted to the standards of the printing industry. We focus on the preparation and technical processing of packaging designs, mostly richly refined. We use plotters that automatically certify the printout with simulation of the target substrate.

  • Calendering

    In the calendering process we gain a wide range of possibilities of extrusion of structures on the cardboard. This gives the packaging a more interesting appearance and is unique to the touch.

  • Trimming

    We have a cutter that allows you to cut the cardboard from a roll to a specific sheet format. This increases flexibility and shortens the production time of orders.

  • Paint mixer

    The ink mixer gives us great flexibility and independence even for the most colour demanding prints. Taking care of the safety of the packaging, we have focused on low-migration paints.

  • Laminating

    We coat cardboard surfaces with glossy, matt, metallic and soft touch films. Thanks to this, we are not only able to protect the packaging from moisture or grease, but also to give it an original look.

  • Offset printing

    We rely on the most modern solutions and technologies of world leaders: Heidelberg and KBA. Currently, our park consists of 8 printing machines in B1 and B0 format, which we have equipped with advanced control and measurement systems for the highest quality printing. We offer conventional and UV printing on metallic substrates.

  • Flexographic printing

    We have machines that allow us to print on corrugated cardboard, which we produce ourselves. Depending on the needs, the printing can be performed on coated or uncoated substrates, in basic and HD versions. In addition, the printing, punching and gluing operations in one line shorten the time of order completion, which contributes to cost optimization.

  • Painting

    The inherent refinement of each package is the coating of the entire surface or selected areas. We use dispersion varnishes (glossy, matt, iridine, soft touch) and UV (including hybrid effect).

  • Hot stamping

    Refining by applying hot foil is one of the most interesting ways to make the packaging more attractive. The variety of available metallic and holographic foils allows for an extraordinary look. Our offer is supplemented by holograms as a guarantee of originality and uniqueness.

  • Embossing

    The process of pressing selected elements of the packaging allows to emphasize them by obtaining a three-dimensional effect. We also have experience in embossing Braille scripts.

  • Lamination

    Modern corrugated cardboard production lines with two and four layers and lamination in one production line allow to combine high quality offset printing with the strength of corrugated cardboard.

  • Stamping

    Effective and functional punching is one of the basic methods in the production of packaging, which is why we have decided to rely on the world leader – the Swiss company Bobst. A rich machine park equipped with a dozen or so machines with a digital sheet guidance system enables very precise cutting and adaptation to the needs of our customers’ automated packaging lines. Moreover, thanks to our own die-cutting room, we significantly reduce the time of order execution.

  • Window packaging

    The use of a window in the packaging allows the product to be exposed in an attractive way. Therefore, a wide range of our services includes making such cartons with the use of films of any shape and thickness, as well as windows even double-creased.

  • Bonding

    Thirteen technologically diverse folding machines are equipped to glue even the most complex structures. Following the most modern trends on the printing market, we are able to offer bonding of sophisticated shapes. This enables us to offer a wide range of possibilities from the smallest unit packages, through envelopes, chocolate boxes, to large laminated cartons. We pride ourselves on the ability to glue packages of up to 8 adhesive tracks in one line, and the system of glue detectors guarantees the highest quality and safety of our packages. Our additional advantage is the Polyjoiner system, which enables bonding of two-part packages.

  • Corrugated cardboard

    Corrugated cardboard is a commonly used material for packaging. It is an organic product, fully recyclable, and is therefore increasingly popular. In order to meet the expectations of the market, in 2015 we purchased a modern corrugated board machine with a working width of 2.8 m and a maximum speed of 350 m per minute. We produce and sell corrugated cardboard as coated, uncoated, 3- and 5-layer sheets, E, B, C, EB and BC waves.

Quality policy

The quality and safety of our processes and care for the environment have been confirmed by independent certifying institutions according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and 14001:2015. In order to show our support for responsible forest management, we have implemented the standards and obtained the FSC® Chain of Custody certificate. Confirmation of the application of good manufacturing practices is the BRC GS Packaging  Materials issue 6 certificate issued by an independent institute, which obliges us to continuously improve our Quality and Packaging Safety Policy.

Your trust is our capital.